Black Tower Basement Inc.

Based in Kharkov, Ukraine

Release date:

2018 (2017 - Early Access)


PC, Mac, Linux

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Greedventory is a challenging roguelike RPG being ironic about genre habits like adventurer's thirst for shiny loot, quests and kicking barrels in dungeons. You will be playing as pair of characters: the Imp who is experienced hero-trainer and the Hero who is the one to be trained. Deep dungeons and cunning bosses are ready to test your skill in bloody sidescrolling action.

Artifacts are the way you will get abilities from and thus are your main strength. But all good things must come to an end. All items have durability and will be permanently broken once it is over with almost no way to restore it. As a counterweight, there is a chance that instead of break item will imbue gaining new powers. This mechanics will grant variability because you will have to do best with what you got at the moment.

Besides, your heroic Bag is not just a place to toss different stuff in. It literally lives its own life: food spoils, magical bugs eat your artifacts and some gnomes ask for a rent. You will have to manage this building up the Bag's interior space between shredding enemies into pieces.


  • Satisfying blood-splattering challenging combat.
  • Abilities and magical powers granted only by items. Set up your skill set to be effective for every fight. But beware of
  • Item permabreak! No easy way of restoring item durability. So try to make the most with what you have in your loot-bag at the moment. However, you will be rewarded for your perseverance by item leveling system.
  • Dungeons. Non-randomly choreographed fights in randomly set rooms. And tricky boss-fights of course.
  • Hero's bag building: keep your bag clean from inventory bugs and dubious types. Even make it a cozy place for living if you want.
  • Charming hand-drawn pixel-art graphics and admirable animations.
  • Ironic plot starring charismatic villains and unpredictable allies.




Black Tower Basement is an independent game development studio founded in 2015. The company was established based upon a shared love of making old and good RPG genre that is beautiful to look at and mechanically solid to play. The team consists of two software engineers, QA engineer, two artists and composer.

And so far we can say developing games is extraordinary fun and interesting process.